Mets’ Opening Day

Unfortunately, I am a Mets fan.  Even more unfortunate, they suck.  Now they have some good players and even a great one or two, but they suck.  From top to bottom the organization is second rate.

Before the game, we got to see Bill Shea’s extended family.  If you don’t know (I know you don’t care), William Shea is the gentleman that Shea Stadium is named after.  Anyway, they trotted these people out there and we looked at them.  The new Mets’ ballpark will be named Citi Field and Shea is out.  Fuck you dude.

Then some Shea family members unveiled a sign in left center that will have the amount of home games left.  Wow, I was really pumped for that.  I can’t wait to check that every game.  It was also sponsored by Lincoln/Mercury.  So, every home game I drag my fat sorry ass to, I can check the Lincoln/Mercury home game countdown abortion out. 

Then Bill Shea Jr. throws out the first pitch.  WTF?  Hey Fred, you jerked these people off enough already, get someone out there that the fans want to see.  I mean, the first pitch is not that big a deal, but you managed to blow it.  The stadium was all but asleep going into the lame-ass 2 plane flyover.  How come most sporting events get like 4 or more planes?  w/e

Anyway, the Mets play was even less exciting than the pimping out of the Shea family.  5-2 loss and a bad one.

Fuck the Mets.


GO Rangers!



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