Screw you Marty.  Another soft goal let in by the once great goaltender and his team goes bye bye.  After all of Sutter’s tough talk about bumping the goaltender, there was little nonsense in front of either net.  Of course, the Rangers still managed to some how be called for two more penalties than the Devils.  How can that possibly happen?  Oh yeah, that’s right, the Devils are a favored team in the NHL.  They are cheap when it comes to paying players, they are boring to watch, chippy, and have less fans than Right Said Fred.  The NHL loves that. 

Oh, and fuck you Marty, you classless tool.  I wonder who will comfort him tonight, his wife or his wife’s sister?

2 Responses to “Rangers!”

  1. uh – great blog – all 5 posts but why the fuck does this crap come up as #2 on “take a report” search but the real deal is a friggin ghost? did Large fuck achmads sister?

  2. retoxicate Says:

    I have no idea why that would happen. Its fucked up. This lame little blog of mine is the palest imitation of Take a Report. And thanks for the compliment, it gave me a creeper.

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