Big Vag

Now tight vaginas are a generally considered a good thing.  Now, they do tend to get sore easier and if they dry out a bit, its condom breaking time, but most dudes are hoping the experience of intercourse is not like tossing a hot dog down a hallway.  I think that the tight vag also makes dudes think their unit is large and the vag isn’t tight, just full.  I know I keep telling myself that. 

Once a lady pops out a couple of crotch spawn, all bets are off.  Just make the most of it, get into fisting or go for the southern trespass if you need maximum tightness.  Watch some freaky Dutch porn if you need ideas.

Now, the Big Red Dog never popped out any kids, but there were several times I had to wait to enter while Evel Kneivel jumped over that twat chasm of hers.  She forever had dudes over, supposedly to change a lightbulb or some shit, but unless she was using her vag to carry around a two litre bottle of Mountain Dew, only some serious banging could explain that laxity.  It was sorta like hosing out a garbage can. 



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