Facebook Apps or How to Annoy the Fuck Out of People Who Are Supposed to be Your Friends

The title pretty much says it all.  I completely regret signing up for this crap.  Everyday, I get requests from friends for the stupid ass app they signed up for and had to annoy 7,831 of their “friends” to get the crappy benefit of.  (Yeah, I ended the sentence with of, go fuck yourself.)

So, now I’m a fucking knight, zombie, drug dealer and werewolf.  I’ve seen every fucking quiz imaginable from “Bad Smell: Vag or Exotic Cheese” to “Name the Rehab Clinics Eddie Van Halen Has Attended”.  I’ve been bought, poked, sold, had sheep tossed at me and had my salad virtually tossed.  I’ve been compared to friends, songs, non-friends and inanimate objects.  All of these things have one major commonality, they suck.  They aren’t any fun.

Fuck Facebook.

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