A Helping Hand, Part I

Pe-Guiliani, Times Square was one of the best places and the worst places on Earth.  Filled with the sketchiest critters, whores, theives, runaways and poorly supervised teenage wannabes (like me), nothing compared to it.  I can’t say that I miss the crackheads and the feeling that real trouble was around every corner (had a few knives pulled on me), but I do miss the sex shops.

The best sex shops had peep shows, not preview booths where you spank it for a quarter while flipping through porn channels, but live girl peeps.  Behind cum reinforced glass that could stop a bazooka shell, thre was a live human being who for just a couple of bucks would show you her twat, maybe stick a finger in her ass, depends on what you paid and, I suppose, how nicely you asked.  Now these places also had the glory hole preview booths and there was lotsa creey dudes hanging around.  I wouldn’t dignify them by calling the gay or queer, they were predators and when you’re 17 they were dangerous, so I pulled a knife on more thana few people.  When in Rome….

Therewas one place, near 49th Street where Lace/Runway 69 ended up.  In these peeps, the glass had a large gap…


More to come

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