Really, really angry woman – not women – UPDATED!

There is a very long post/diatribe about men up.  Its way too long to quote so I linked it.

My response, which apparently was rejected by the moderator.

Dear Women of the World,

Sorry, baby, I missed that. Can you repeat it, the game was on. And sweetie, while you’re up, can you get me a beer? Oh, look, little buddy is awake baby . . .

Men of the World



It should be noted that it would be a lot easier to take the initial post seriously if it didn’t try to attack sweeping generalizations by relying entirely on them.  Btw, its the moderator’s site and I don’t mind that my somewhat obnoxious response was rejected.  It probably just made the moderator feel that more more strongly that she was dead on.  Of course, if she saw my blog then she would realize she is right.

Then again if she saw many of the other blogs, written by women, about how they love sex, love free will and are banging whoever they choose, I think she’d curl up with a McKinnon book and pray the penises don’t come in the night to get her.


ANOTHER UPDATE – My comment was not rejected.  It has become its own page called What Men Really Think.  Now, my guess is that the blogger got the joke and decided not to play along.  But I shouldn’t be surprised, this is someone who posts how all women are different and then does a 1000 word post on how all women think the same things about men.  Anyway, men, read up, soak up that knowledge, most of which I learned watching “Taxi Driver” when DeNiro tries to take Cybil Sheppard to a porno movie for a date.


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