The Mets or How to Waste $120 million Without Really Trying

I admit it, I watched part of the Mets Game last night.  They go through the motions like an old married couple.  There is little life, and even when there is a good play or a decent game there is no follow-up.  I’m not sure how that can be seen as Willie Randolph’s fault.  Still, he blinked, in playing the race card, however briefly, he let people see him sweat.  Now there is blood in the water and he’s done, maybe not right away, but likely by the All-Star break.

Of course, if this team ripped of 12 wins in 16 games, he’d be safe, but that’s not going to happen.  I certainly don’t know any of the Mets personally, I don’t know if they are tough minded individuals, but as a team, they are a group of pussies.  Sorry Willie, you’re fucked.

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