Bad Joke

A 94 year old man goes to the doctor for his annual physical. He has been seeing this doctor for years and the doctor is amazed by how robust the gentleman now is.

“Wow, you’re in much better health than last year, tell me what you’ve been up to?” asked the dcotor.

“Well, I met a 27 year old model, a beautiful girl and we got married. We have sex all the time and, as a matter of fact,” the gentleman beamed, “she is with child.”

The doctor sighed and said, “let me tell you a little story:

A man goes to his hunting lodge, he’s very excited to go bear hunting. So, he wakes up, ready to go, and runs out the door, but instead of grabbing his rifle, he grabs an umbrella propped up near the door. Before he realizes his error, an enraged grizzly charges out of the brush. He raises and aims the umbrella and BANG!!!! The bear falls dead.

What do you think happened?”

The old man thought a second and said, “Someone else shot the bear”

The doctor replied, “that’s what I’m trying to tell you.”

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