The Penguins are Fucked Now

DETROIT — Even in the Stanley Cup finals, the Detroit Red Wings couldn’t escape another goaltender interference controversy.


With 4:40 left in a scoreless first period, Nicklas Lidstrom appeared to give the Red Wings the first lead of the Stanley Cup finals with a high wrist shot. The goal was immediately waved off.

Despite some angry words from Detroit coach Mike Babcock, the call stood and the Red Wings found themselves having to kill off a goaltender interference penalty called against Tomas Holmstrom on the play. Holmstrom’s skates were not in the crease, but his stick made contact with Marc-Andre Fleury, which the referees ruled as interference.

It was the kind of moment that could have turned the momentum of the game. But the Wings killed off the subsequent penalty and went on to dominate much of the final two periods en route to a 4-0 victory in Game 1.

Still, Babcock didn’t completely let it go after the game.

When asked about the call, Babcock told reporters: “You’re setting me up here. You throw me a softball, you want me to respond. You watched the game. Was he in the crease? That’s the rule, you can’t put your stick in the crease now, is it? Did they change that when I wasn’t watching? Did he touch his pads in any way or interfere with him in any way?

“They gotta decide. I just coach the game. I don’t get to referee it.”

Scott Burnside is the NHL writer for



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