9:19 left in Third, Detroit up 3-0

Penguins still haven’t scored a goal in the finals.  I’m sure they will fare better at home, but it doesn’t really look great for the NHL’s darlings.  Also, any comparison to the ’83 Oilers is retarded.  Crosby may end up being special, Malkin is certainly very good.  But the Oilers featured Gretsky who at that point of his career was so off the charts its ridiculous.  The Penguins may win a Cup or more than one, but the Oilers were a true hockey dynasty, beaten by a true dynasty.  To compare these teams to those is assinine, but that is the state of NHL reporting.  I mean any industry where Don Cherry can make a living is fucked.


P.S.  This just in.  Game over, 3-0.  Nice job Penguinos, shut out in two games.

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