Maybe the New Hulk Won’t Suck

I’m a ridiculously geeked out Hulk fan.  I didn’t really like the Ang Lee move except where he was kciking the shit outta the copters.  i’m cautiously optimistic about this one.  This link is from Aintitcoolnews.

2 Responses to “Maybe the New Hulk Won’t Suck”

  1. The last Hulk movie was a real stinker. The Hulk looked like it was covered in green goop and there were long boring stretches that were like watching waiters peel string beans.

  2. retoxicate Says:

    That movie was way too long and there was no payoff at the end. That whole confrontation with Nolte was boring and how he won was decidedly un-Hulkish. The article referenced promises a lot more fighting, the Hulk as action hero, and not as daddy conflicted boremeister.

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