S.N.A.F.U. — The List

There are many things in life that are fucked up, I can’t list all of them as even i don’t hvae that kind of time.  But here are a few:

The NHL –  this pissant league works hard to shoot itself in the foot at every turn.  Mired on a cable network that loses in ratings to the Lawn Dart Network and the Ass Sweat on the Toilet Seat Superstation is only one of its problems.  The officiating in the league is inconsistent in that it varies from horrible to Roseanne Barr in a thong god-awful.  The league will likely shrink the size of goalie equipment or generate some rule change to attempt to goose scoring.  Of course, the rules as they stand are meant to goose scoring, the illegality of clutch and grab, but the officials don’t call good games.  So, instead of actually fixing the problem, the league will attempt to put in another bandaid and one that will not work. 

The New York Mets –  these fuckers kill me on a daily basis.  130 million bucks a year for effort like a retard taking Valium.  ‘Nuff said.

Amateur Porn that is Not Amateur – check out the shit on Redtube, that’s not amateur.  First, almost all porn is decidedly amateur, the acting is awful.  The bitches are constantly looking at the camera.  The video quality is meh.  Basically, its all like filming lions in Africa, you just roll the camera and the lions do their thing. 

So, when I think of true amateur video, I want shit recorded in someone’s house on a matress on the floor or a bad looking sofa.  It needs to be filmed by the participants, or some dude who keeps filming himself in mirrors.  I like when you see the full on grimace of some chick getting boned in the butt by a moron who doesn’t realize ass sex must be done differently (as opposed to the pro shit, where they edit out the grimace).  I like watching poorly executed bjs by girls who have no idea how bad they are doing.  these are the same chicks that never actually suck cock but are doing a modified hand job.  At least they never look up at the dude, like ain’t I so hot blowing you down here.  I hate that, a job well done should be its own satisfaction, but I digress.  So, if its labelled amateur I want true amateurs, like how the Olympics used to be.


One Response to “S.N.A.F.U. — The List”

  1. Blow Me Says:

    Try YouPorn.com…about 50/50 real amateur home vids versus porn

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