College Nostalgia


In college, with the aid and comfort of my close friend and advisor Alcohol, I managed to start getting laid real regular.  Now every so often I had to chew off an arm in the morning, but a hit is a hit.  Anyway, Alcohol usually managed to talk me into going back to those larger wells when the smaller ones ran dry.  Back then, when Lassie ran home to alert the folks that Timmy was at the bottom of a well, it was because I had forgotten to strap a board to my ass.

One particular hairy breasted beast comes to mind.  It was like banging a big-titted Zira from Planet of the Apes.  She had the personality and strength of a farm animal.  Wrestling, similar, to the pro variety got her ridiculously hot and moist.  The only script we followed was that at the end she was getting ridden hard and put up wet.

One night, I staggered off in the wrong dirction and we ended up in my room, to the glee of my 300 lb virgin roommate who sat on the side of his bed eating pizza while I fumbled in the dark with the manatee.  Eventually I found my way behind and was being cheered on by both fatties in the room.  Before that night I’d never had anal sex before but the mood seemed right.  So I went for it.

She grunted hard like the plow she was pulling got caught on a rock.  I froze up not really knowing what to do next as massive roomie cackled maniacally.

“I have to back to my room.” She croaked.

“Uh, sure” I added suavely.

“That’s where I have vaseline”. She added.

YESSSS said my brain.

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