More Love from (not to be confused with

Greetings from the IttyBittyTittyCommittee


Now what exactly makes someone decide to post a pic of tits like this on a ratings site?  They are small and not even perky.  I think she would have been better leaving the belly ring in too, if only for distraction purposes.

Ok, well at least they aren’t naseauting, you could have thought it was a good idea to show people these:

Small tits on a fat girl, tsk, tsk

So, you have a big girl, giant nipples and almost no tit, a very sad state of affairs.

Then again, at least she is under 100.  You have this randy AARP member letting it all hang out.

So?  You're Mrs. Robinson's grandmother?


So, I’ll leave you with that and this thought, maybe people in the Middle East aren’t as fucking crazy and you’d think.

Smile ladies!

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