The S.N.A.F.U. List continued

ESPN – starting with the concept that sports is ultimately supposed to be fun and that big sports and sports media are competitive muti-billion dollar industries, I still have these self-promoting retards. 

Dick Vitale?  Hey baby, how ’bout a new thing, you sanctimonious turd!  How ’bout calling ahe actual game, baaaabyy!  You’re not funny and your enthusiasm is basically yelling, that’s all it is baby!! And while you do your schtick for the eight millionth time, we are left to trying to watch the game with you shrieking about something else.  DIAF Dickie V.

Skip Bayless – This guy knows less about sports than Chris Berman.  His only function to be so insulting that maybe people will watch to see the next stupid, obnoxious thing he says.  Yet, as he says idiotic and baseless things, ESPN doesn’t catch much heat.  They put this douchebag out there, don’t they have an ombudsman?  Get ass cancer Skip.

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