T’s Lounge – West Palm


Now, I was only at T’s once, though I got there at like 9:30 pm and was tossed out at closing.  The club is dark, dank and seems kinda dirty.  Most of the girls are over qualified for crackwhoring and the emphasis on the feature was annoying.  Now the bartenders were cool which is a huge bonus in any alcohol setting.  A few dancers stand out in my memory.  One was tall, obviously had not eaten in weeks and I kept telling her that I’d pay extra to see the needle marks.  She was too stoned to acknowledge.

Another had a great little body, even with the rock hard fake tits.  Tiny waist, and while I like big asses, her slim little ass was sweet.  She was older, a bit of a workout junkie and that showed on her face.  Unfortunately, she looked way to much like Carol Channing for my liking.  At one point, she took her shoes off and she had the dirtiest feet EVAR.  Quite disconcerting.

Last, but not least, was a rather lovely lady, a speech therapist by trade.  Anyway, that what she said.  She was cute, but put a t-shirt on the girl and you’d think she was a boy scout.

Now the feature was an obnoxious cow facing federal indictment for obscenity.  The only obscenity was that she wasted 20 minutes of my life.  She stuffed some things in her twat (which was big enough to host a Starbucks since it made the foot traffic requirements), had people smack her ass and puked on some poor bastard whose job it is to get puked on.  Oh my, how did I not masturbate?

One other small note, the West Palm strip club attract a lot of women and not just lesbians, its like a thing to do on a Friday night.  Considering I just narrowly missed taking one of the trailer trash attendees back to my hotel and instead ended up with Carol Channing, that note weighs heavily on me.

Imagine this

she had a cute ass tho


with really dirty feet, but no pants.

Just imagine no pants and those on your shoulders

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