Sheriff Buford T. Justice is on the Case!

Wow, police in Alabama have managed to figure out that there are hookers on Craigslist.  Now, if you get locked up in Alabama, you may end up in a cell with a hooker, a teacher that teaches evolution or someone who rape them both.

(MOBILE, Ala.) June 4- From messages advertising everything from “Southern Belles” to “Damsel in Distress”, all sorts of women, displaying all sorts of images, have ads in the popular classified website “craigslist.” But the kind of ads Mobile Police are interested in are those that lead to the illegal activity of prostitution.

Only NBC 15 was allowed inside as officers set up dates and video taped the encounters. Police say the website worked wonders.

An undercover officer told NBC 15’s Mike Rush, “We started off on craigslist, which was successful last night. We got about four of the girls from craigslist last night.”

Not all of the women were connected to craigslist. Police arrested a suspected madam who, they say, ran an escort service advertised in the newspaper.

But nearly half of the accused came from craigslist. “We shoot e-mails out,” said the undercover cop. “Some of the girls take instant messaging and we’ll converse back and forth on instant messenger.”

Some girls, police say, post pictures. Some even quote prices. But they get away with it because investigators say they advertise legal services like nude massages or escorts. “They will call them an escort service because they consider an escort as a date,” said the undercover cop.

NBC 15 tried to contact craigslist several times for a comment on the arrests and about what measures, if any, it takes to try to identify and remove sex ads from the sight, but no one responded to the repeated requests. However, the “terms of use” section on the website states that craigslist does not control content on the site and users must agree not to post content that is unlawful.

In all, fifteen people were arrested in the weekend sting, nine of those for prostitution. Others were arrested on drug charges or for accompanying the accused prostitutes to the call.



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