Parking Lot Blues

I used to date a stripper and i would drive her from Manhattan to the LIRR lot where she parked her car on Eastern L.I.  Now we had a lot of adventures in that Toyota Tercel, that I used as a station car and was incidentally registered in my wife’s name.

One night I drove my lady friend to her car and before pulling in the parking lot, I made a two- wheeled right hand turn just as the light went over to red.  We even chuckled because I was driving fast because I was horny and was looking forward to a bit of parking lot action.  Anyway, I didn’t think any more of it.  When we got next to her car, we started fooling around and I just barely noticed the cop car rolling up on us.  The ubiquitous flood light popped on had us all squinty and adjusting, but luckily mostly dressed. 

Cop:  “You blew that light.”

Me:  “er, sorry, I really thought I made it officer.”

He looked at me and started clicking away at his computer.

Cop:  “Name”

I complied.

Cop:  “address”

I complied.

Then he looked that the face of the girl with me and then down to her barely covered 34DDs and said:

“Lemme guess, that’s not [wife’s name]”

Me:  “Er, no”

Cop:  “Shit, I’d have been in a rush too.”

And he drove away.

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