Ass, a love story

I was in a room at the old Paradise club with a little J-Lo looking thing. The conversation drifted to what is the wildest thing you’ve done sexually. After a bit of prodding, she told me that she had been engaged to great guy who she really loved. But, she always fantasized and fucking him in the ass.

He refused, but slowly, she began to get thim to agree to have things out in his ass. A finger, anal beads, fingers and anal beads and so on. Then as they were planning the wedding she gets him to pick out a strap on. The idea was that maybe they’d do a threesome, but she told me she lied, she only intended to use it on him. During the story, which took her about 20 minutes to tell, there was way to much detail, she kept saying how great and understanding he was and how much she loved him.

Eventually, about 2 months before the wedding, he gave in. Her eyes lit up as she said, in what sounded way too much like Rosie Perez, “I fucked the shit outta him.”

I asked if he liked it and she said that he absolutely hated it.

I figure, wow, that’s some story, but what happened to the engagement? She said, I dumped him about a week later.

Then entirely seriously, she looked at me, “What sorta bitch ass man lets hisself get fucked in the ass?”

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