Lol, as related by a high school classmate

When I was about 19, I had picked up a SW in Jackson Heights, around the low 80s off Roosevelt. She was about to give me head and then she said, “You know, I’m a boy.” It took a bit of chatting for me to sift through the spanglish, the complete inebriation on my part and my naivete, but I learned she was a TS, actually more of a TV. She had to show me, lol.

Anywho, we pressed on, because I could barely see straight, so why be straight. Well the BJ went nowhere, so she offered to go get her “cousin”. Well, I was half-naked and three quarters retarded and thus in no position to refuse. So my first threesome was with 2 trannies. For some reason my $10 was returned and it was even for free.

Well Trannie # 2 was a bottom with a great bottom and the biggest dick I ever saw, the thing just hung there, there wasn’t enough blood in her body to get it truly angry. Reminded me of the elephant trunk transplant joke, though she had a lot of room for the rolls. In any event, I don’t remember much other than banging (or trying to bang) #1 while #2 kept hitting me in the head with that huge dong while laughing and smoking all my weed.

Good times.

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