Leave Revenge to Montezuma

Do not feed the wrestler

One of my very best friends had a high school teacher that was a jobber for the then WWF or more likely had been with the WWWF. He’d wrestle at the Elks Club and lose to whoever was in town. Anyway, he told his class a story that he had taken a trip with wrestlers overseas. The big man was on the trip as were a group of midget wrestlers.

Well, the midgets hated Haystacks, because he used to like to take food away from them. So they plotted their revenge. On a long flight in a small plane, they let him bully them into turning over some chocolate they were hiding. Of course the chocolate was Ex-Lax.

Somewhere over some damn country, the big man’s innnards started rebelling. The midgets saw his discomfort and were ecstatic and almost everyone except Haystacks was in on the joke. Now Haystacks would learn his lesson while having to spend the entire flight in the head.

One small problem arose though.

Haystacks could not get into the tiny bathroom on the plane.

According to the legend, Calhoun was forced to dump the contents of his colon in all its splashing glory into a large garbage bag. The resultant stench permeated the cabin for the remainder of the long flight sending many of the wrestlers to the head to be sick.  No one was very happy with the midgets.

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