Review of

So, one of the few comments I received lead me to this site.  I’ve checked it out a few times.  First, you can get a lot out of it without paying.  Pretty much, if I can get 3-5 minutes of solid porn, I’m good.

The site is updated quite often, but it is a pain to find what you’re looking for preference wise.  Maybe if you pay for more, you get more, what a novel fucking concept.  Anyway, I prefer rather precise spank material and it takes awhile to hone in on something.  Loooking through top-rated tags doesn’t cut it.  I mean Chocolate Rain and Fred videos are fucking high rated on youtube, so you can never trust anyone’s taste but your own.  Still, once you’ve found something, the related videos thumbnails at the bottom of the screen are a blessing.

So, spank away, this is better than

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