Chastity’s Tale, Part I

The first stripper I ever dated was a chick from Paradise club.  I will call her Chastity.  She was educated, married, hot and a basketful of daddy issues.  Still she was hot and I spent way too much time and money in the champagne rooms at the PC getting to know her.  One thing led to another, and we ended up dating and as these things usually do, it ended badly.

One story she told me, sticks out in my mind, mostly because it shows how completely immature and self-centered I am and its a good story.

Anyway, Chastity had worked as an au pair in Spain for about a year when she was 20 or so.  The conditions were awful, the pay worse and the people she worked for worse than that.  Still, she went an ocean away to get away from Daddy (told you she had Daddy issues).  Eventually, it got so bad there, she came back to the States, penniless.  She got a job stripping, but had nowhere to stay.  The club manager told her she could sleep in the club at night for a week or until she got enough cash to get her own place.

So, she worked that day, settled in for the night with a guy she had met like an hour before closing.  They were in a back room of the club, fucking in the pitch black, I mean it was dark, he wasn’t nailing her in the rear.  Now, she said, something was amiss.  There was a noise, like whipsers, it got louder and scratchier.  Well, they were still fucking away, the way 20 year olds fuck, until she felt something hit her arm and then her leg, then more and more of that.  Then all hell broke loose.  Fuckboy did an Olympic dismount and managed to hit a light, screaming the entire time.  When the light went on, their worst fear (or definitely in the top 3) was confirmed.  The room, the furniture, their clothes and their bodies were covered with large rats.

Now, her version of the story lasted about ten minutes.  As for me, all I could think of was why is this girl I’m dating telling me what a slut she is.  I mean fuck the rats, she just met this dude like 10 mintues before.  Anyway, I’m a douche.

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