Hope You Have A Plan Slats

Well, the first round of the NHL draft has come and gone.  The Rangers selected Michael Del Zotto, an offensive D-man.  Unfortunately, this young man apparently has maturity issues and was a much high touted prospect a couple years ago.  Personally, I don’t like first rounders that have been going backwards, but he’s a D-man, so why not?  Sather made no move to try to get better draft position or to trade for a ready player.

In the meantime, while Bettman and Co. try to get Rangers ownership booted, Slats is busy cutting ties with Avery, Jagr, Straka, Shanahan and Rozsival.  Now an argument can be made why each of those players should only have memories of being a blueshirt next year, even Avery (though hearing the name Darcy Tucker being brought up is ludicrous).  But cutting ties with all of them?  Let’s see, last I checked that 4 of your top six forwards, 5 of your top 8 scorers.  Oh yeah, and your captain with both assistants.

Its great to cut ties, but who are you going to replace them with?  Nigel Dawes?  Maybe its time for Cally to move up, maybe not.  By lettting them all go, you’re gutting the leadership within the team and dumping it all on Drury and Gomez, or is it time for Prucha and Hollweg to don the “A” (I just threw up into my mouth a little).

I think that at most you can hope to have 2 rookies pitch in.  The Rangers have been lucky to get decent play from their younger players, but keep in mind, Dubi, who had a nice season scored a whopping 14 goals.  As the rangers were a slightly anemic offensive team, one player could replace the scoring of two, but who?  Maybe the plan is to try to have enough cap space open to make a splash and then to hope other guys they want (and need) are still out there.

To me, unless there is some rather wise posturing going on, the Rangers could be on their way to ending their season before it begins.

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