George Carlin, Not Funny Since 1976, Now Dead For Real

So, George Carlin died.  He was 71.  That’s not terribly old these days, so I guess its a shame that he died.  It certainly has to suck for those close to him.  There was a stretch of time where he was a comedic genius, intelligently lampooning the hypocrises that form much of the basis of our society.  Now, he is rememberly fondly for that, for “The Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television” and material from that era.

Then like so many of the great ones, Elvis, Sinatra, Ron Jeremy, he just mailed it in for about the last 20 or so years of his life.  Most of his “comedy” was caustic and shrill, and very little of it was funny.  Adoring audiences laughed like buffoons while he called them stupid, called their leaders stupid, called the audience greedy and stupid, and on and on.  He liked to talk about bombing brown people and how he could make any subject funny no matter what.  If I remember correctly, that led to about the most unfunny bit on rape ever performed.  I firmly believe that the majority of his audiences, those people applauding like apes, would turn off a recording of his comedy about 3 minutes in.

I defy anyone to remember anything of substance from his last seven or eight HBO specials as they were as entertaining as watching Rodney Dangerfield get a lubeless colonoscopy.  Still, as with most legends, everyone just sorta pretended that he hadn’t slipped to being about as funny as a Carrot Top or a Gallagher tribute comic.  Its like watching Def Leppard perform music from the seven albums they did after Pyromania and Hysteria.  Please, just fucking play Rock of Ages (or perfrom the Seven Words or a Place for My Stuff).

His books were ripoffs of his old material packaged for sale to morons and people with chronic dysentery.  He appeared in horrid movies and added absolutely nothing to anything he appeared in.  He may be the most famous comic to never have had a funny moment in a movie.  Even Bill Cosby got a laugh or two in the movies he did during the blaxsploitation era.

In the end, if Carlin really meant all those things he said, I think he would appreciate this sentiment: too bad you died, dude, you had some really funny shit, except for all the really unfunny shit you did on your endless make some more money tour that seemed to last over 20 years.  Oh, and Al Sleet, that was kinda funny. 


One Response to “George Carlin, Not Funny Since 1976, Now Dead For Real”

  1. retoxicate Says:

    So, I am lamely commenting on my own post, but I wanted to note what fucking hard-ons most Carlin fans are. My view on Carlin’s slide towards crappiness have been expressed on a good many boards. In fact before the dude died, these sorts of views were expressed about 1/3 of the time in response to reviews of his shows. Numerous people got sick of being called stupid and greedy by the bitter old prick and walked out.

    So, in defense of the man who thought it was so important for people to form their own opinions based upon what they see and believe, you get a chorus of you just don’t get him. In other words, people are too stupid to know when they are being pointlessly insulted. Worse than that, people are too stupid to think that jokes on father daughter rape just aren’t that funny. Instead the nut riders who will laugh at anything the man said just to peove how cool they are, they are ones who are so fucking smart.

    I’ve been waiting for one blog to approve my comment that related directly to Carlin rant she posted from Youtube. In th rant, he described how the big corporations run the world, the politicians are all pawns, blah, blah, blah. Sounded like the rant of an Archie Bunker with all the Jew references taken out. Simply because there is a nugget of truth to something does not make it insightful, smart or accurate. R.I.P. George.

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