Shitty Day? Get Loaded!

everybody looks like that  So, it was truly a shitty, shitty day.  What passes for a boss decided to go into total small dick, hypocrite mode and bitch out on me.  Unfortunately, some people depend on me and despite my wishes, I could not ask him, even politely, if he could die in a fire.

So, I actually did some work (this seems to be part of the future kindling’s problem) and I went out for a few beers.  And then I went home.  Oh, wait, I went for more beers. 

Fuck all of you.  By the way, when I left bar # 2, i was pretty sure that the chick pictured above was sitting right behind me.  I only say pretty sure, because when I asked her to blow me, she declined an blew a flume of water from the back of her neck.  Go figure.

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