Good to See that Madonna’s Kid is Making Friends

Material Girl

There is so much that is simply wrong in this picture.  Jeez, the one on the right is like fucking model material next to these two.  This pic has been floating round the intrawebs for a bit, but I just love to stare at it, so I threw it up here for easy access.  I just can’t look away.

I wonder where these girls are from and if they know how many awful posts and de-motivational posters they have spawned.  Did Lefty buy a Norelco or a weed whacker after being ripped apart so much for having the thickest mustache this side of Magnum P.I.?  Did Beluga in the middle lose 10 or 105 lbs. or is she just like, at least I’m not a fucking hairy bitch, and then porn star ‘stache is all like “No you didn’t, you stank ass bitch” and girl on right is all, “I’m outta here.”  Then fatty is all, “Oh, you think you’re so hot, well I can smell your rancid cooze from here and everyone knows you blew your cousin, SLUT!”  Then they just go at it, til they get all sweaty and exhausted, make out and eat like five fucking gallons of cookies and cream ice cream.

It’s at about that point that I blow my load jacking off to the picture.  Vaya con Dios, mujeres!

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