Site Review:

For me, is a giant meh.  Nothing really special there content-wise.  You can watch a lot of ordinary content for free, which is my number one priority.  I never even go near premium content, so I know nothing about it.  Most of the content is kinda slick, mainstream video porn.  Not enough to give an old porn dog like me a creeper.  The catagories have little meaning, i.e., most of the amateur stuff is not amateur.

There is one very good feature.  If you mouse over a particular clip, you get a decent preview of what its all about, saving some time in the hunt for decent spank material.  You can open up multiple windows as well.  There are also other related videos featured when you open up a given window.  Its the same feature that makes youtube viable.  It also has the same slight drawback, when you click on a related video, it does not open a new window.

Overall, the content is bleah, the navigation is decent.  Spare the rod and spoil the monkey.

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