New York Mets: the Sucketh Continues

I just watched Carlos Delgado take a couple of pitches, work the count in his favor and meekly ground into a double play.  it is the essence of Mets baseball.  The Mets are behind 7-1.  Jerry Manuel makes headlines in a New York rag about how the Mets are the second team in New York.  Hmm, No shit Sherlock.  Jose Reyes throws a tantrum with more spirit and accuracy than he throws a baseball.  Tony Bernazard makes more and more pronouncements in the media on behalf of the team.  For those of you not keeping score at home, Bernazard is the next Isiah Thomas, except without the track record to even justify where his is at this point.

At this point, I can’t even pretend that I watch more than an at bat or two each game.  Every time I watch, they only reinforce my belief that the team as a whole is bad.  the play poorly in the field, often pitch poorly, have poor at bats and play unmotivated, uninspired, shit on a stick baseball.  Mental and physical errors are all too common.  All this combined with players at less than 100% physically or on the downside of their careers, it is simply unwatchable.

I will not go to another game this year.  I usually go to about 15 (only went opening day).  I will go to Opening Day next year to see the new stadium and pay way too much for a few clients to go, so that we can all see the new digs.  I am salivating for football and hockey seasons to begin.

Fred, old chap, you are running your billion dollar property into the ground.  There is simply no reason to watch this team.  I think what fans sense more than anything else is that as long as the Wilpons own the team, it will always sorta suck.  But with the Wilpons around, it will never be a suck that we can get behind.  The scrappiness this team showed in the late 80s’ has never returned, even the few times the Mets were ok.  They haven’t had an intense star in decades, emphasizing business like union types instead.  Even Mike Piazza, who I really liked, backed down in the big spot.  For the record, he should have shoved the bat up Clemens’ ass.

On the best days, the team’s best will not be enough, the team’s stars will always come up short.  Even the good days are few and far between, the rest of the time, the Wilpons field the most miserable lot of overpaid trash in baseball.  Good Luck, I’ll spend my money elsewhere.  Douchebags.

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