Why I Wouldn’t Wipe My Ass With The New York Daily News

So, this morning, I made the mistake of plunking down 50 cents for the Daily News.  Ignoring their miserable decision to go from 4 pages of comics to 3, the horrible reporting and the non-existent entertainment section, I figured at least the sports section is ok.

WRONG.  First, no article on NHL free agency which starts tomorrow.  At least the Post had one of Larry Brooks’ crackhead articles theorizing about things that will not ever happen.  Jagr-Sundin-Avery?  Put down the pipe Larry.  Then Newsday had a Zipay nutriding article about Jagr.  At least it was timely.  The News, not a fucking thing. 

Instead, recycled crap on the Mets and Yankees, yawn.  A poorly written article on Spain’s big win and not much else.

So, I read the entire paper in about 7 minutes, not even a long enough event to cover a morning dump.

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