Does Brinkley Put Out?

Nice Smile, But Does She Fuck?

Nice Smile, But Does She Fuck?

So, personally, I’m wondering.  Now I like porn too much and I like 18 year old girls too much (Hi LE, 17 year old girls are icky!)  But honest, if I was banging a supermodel 2-3 times a week, I’d lay off other women.  I’d even cut back a bit on the ole porn.

But, I think there is an undercurrent of this was just like any old other marriage.  She getting older and is like, stop it there Cookie, get your finger out of my ass.  And I’m sure she never, ever reminded him that she paid all the bills.  So, he jerks off and bangs teenagers (at least she was legal Mr. Clemens).  His big mistake was getting caught.

i wonder if she was devastated by her picture perfect marriage being shown to be a fraud or that fact that she’s a super model and he’s spanking it to naughty housewives and sites with chicks show ing off saggy tits and gunts.

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