Malik Sucks?

Lifted from some hockey boards.

“I live in Atlanta and of course go to every game when the Rangers are here. Well 06-07 season the first time the Rangers came to Atlanta Malik took a shot that deflected and hit the boards and scared the shit out of these girls who were Thrasher fans.

So the girls started giving him hell. So Malik shoots a puck directly at the boards and scares the shit out of them again. So he’s in the corner talking to Rozy and they said something to him I cant post here, so Malik turns around, makes a gesture with his tounge in his cheeck and screams after the game ok?

Me and my father almost pissed our pants laughing. So sure enough second game that year the same two girls were there pre game with a giant sign that says “Your the one who sucks, not us.. MALIK” So what does Malik do?  Same exact thing all over again.”

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