Dark Knight, Spoiler Free Review

I enjoyed it, but not as much as I thought I would.  I guess I had started to buy into the hype.  I really enjoyed Heath Ledger’s performance.  I enjoyed Bale’s Bruce Wayne, but the Batman voice he uses irritated me.  If you can buy that no one recognizes his face, I think we could survive the conceit that no one recognizes his voice.  It’s not so bad in the I’m Batman moments, but his speeches suffer for it.  That being said, the movie features fantastic work from the rest of the cast including a strong performance from the new girl that plays Rachel Dawes.  I will say that she is cut from the Hollywood mold of plain and homely women that Hollywood will insist are beautiful.  (that club includes, but is not limited to, Katie Holmes, Kirstin Dunst, Cameron Diaz and the this year’s Preakness Stakes runner-up, Sarah Jessica Parker)

Also, it didn’t help that I was irritated by a train delay, by watching the movie after having sweated out my suit and about 4 inches from screen, but maybe Mr. Nolan can use someone else to shoot fight scenes.  Every fight scene appears to have been shot in a phone booth, in the dark, involving people in dark clothes fighting other people in dark clothes and the occassional dark animal.  I understand that there is a sense of mystery to the speed and violence of the Batman, but I’d like to know what is happening during th fight.  Compare to the later Bourne movies where close combat was filmed beautifully and savagely.

In any event, the movie is still a must see.

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