Notes From Las Vegas

Just back from Vegas, meh trip.

Anyway,a couple of quick exchanges . . .

Girl1: I have no tits, but i have great nipples.

Me: How many?

Girl1: (sarcastically) Three.

Me: Do I have to pay extra for that?


Girl2: I am so wasted. Squeeze my ass harder.

Me: Ok

Girl2: Even harder, I’m so wasted. I want to party. Do you party? I want to party with you? Squeeze harder.

Me: Is that better?

Girl2: (snoring)


(Girl3 gave me long story about how she just moved to town and her dog ran away. Thus, she just wanted to work a few hours to go look for her dog and was giving discounts on dances and half hours)

Girl3: You sure you don’t want to go longer baby?

Me: I can’t. I am too worried about your dog. I can’t even believe you came to work.

Girl3: ::cries::

Me: Oh shit, you’re not lying.


Girl2: My name is Mini. M-I-N-I. Like Mini Me, not Minnie Mouse.

Me: You named yourself after Veren Troyer?

Girl2: What’s Verne Troyer?

Me: He is the midget that plays Mini Me.

Girl2 I don’t know. What does he look like?

Me: He looks exactly like my penis. I mean exactly. Do you want to see?

Girl2: You can’t do that here. Not til you buy me a few shots anyway.


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