Quick Book Reviews for People Who Don’t Read

Artie Lange:  Too Fat to Fish – Not nearly funny enough

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell –  If you have not read this yet, you are a tool, and probably a homo, not a real homo, they are often cool, you are just a homo.

Neil Strauss – The Game – Great.  Read it and go out sarging and at least you’ll have a funny story or two to tell.

Catch-22 –  If you are stupid, just move on.  If you have 4 brain cells that are functioning and get along well together, read it.   It one of the best things put on paper.

Harry Potter books –  these are the polar opposite of I Hope they Serve Beer in hell.  If you have read more than one of these books and are not under the age of 13 or oer 250 lbs, please kill yourself.

The Bourne books – movies were much better.

The George R.R. Martin Song of Fire and Ice books – Don’t bother, he’s never going to finish the next one.  Anyone, he has killed off virtually every decent character already making the books as depressing as real life.  He’s sitting at home, embarassing me that he is a Giants fan and trying to figure out how he ker-fucked his series.

A Confederacy of Dunces – Funny if you are pretentious.

The Old Breed – (As would be spoken by R. Lee Ermey) It is a true life story of  a Marine in the big one, that would be W – W 2 to you pieces of amphibian shit, get it and read it fuckheads.  You will learn something.  It will change your pathetic non-hacker lives.   Now drop and give me and my beloved Corps 20!

The Westies – about an Irish gang in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen.  Buy the paperback and read it in a bar on 10th Avenue in the high 40s, tell anyone who will listen that you are studying for a career in law enforcement.

A Season on the Brink – Bobby Knight is totally fucked up and fun to read about.

It by Stephen King – great beginning, stupidest ending ever.

Hiroshima – The Japanese get wtfpwnedbbqsauce.  Not pretty.



that’s it for now fucktards.

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