The Mets Suck Donkey Balls and Always Will . . .

so long as Fred or Jeff Wilpon own the team.

This should be as obvious as the fact that Pam Anderson tits are bolt-ons.

The organization continually changes direction and makes mistake after mistake.  But everyone makes mistakes right?  Sure, but you have to adapt and overcome them.

The Mets mortgaged their farm system in the mid-eighties after having brought up Doc, Straw, Cone, Jefferies and few others.  Now, in trading for Carter, MacReynolds, Viola, Hernandez, etc. they maked th fact that the farm system was already weak.  In those trades went people like Shawn Abner, Stanley Jefferson, Jack Savage, Floyd Youmans, Billy Beane and others who contributed exactly dick on the field.  Rick Aguilera is an exception, but there weren’t exactly a bunch of ex-Met farmhands running around tearing up the majors in the late eighties, ninties or now.

The farm system never improved despite some extremely lean years and high draft picks.  Remember Generation K???   Not one of them came close to fulfilling expections. 

After years of this shit, you’d think a smart organization would fix things.  Not the Mets.  Who is their top prospect?  F-Mart.  Fuck yeah!!!

Ok, you give a fucked up contract to an aging second baseman who will simply not give you waht your club needs.  So you pay Marlon Anderson a million bucks, cut him, and do not pay Orlando Hudson 1.5 million instead to play here. 

You don’t go hard after Derek Lowe because you have a fallback plan in Ollie Perez.  You have had “baseball people” watching that left handed, no-hearted lazy quitter pitch for you for years, but he’s your fallback.  How’s that working out?

You make John Maine your number 2 starter.  Please.  He’s a fragile fastball pitcher without a great fastball.  How’s that working out.  The organization ignored that it has major weaknesses in its starting rotation.  How’s that working out?  Btw, the Santana move was great and he is great.  But we got him because Brian Cashman is an even worse GM than Minaya.

So, you announce that the Mets are gonna be about pitching and defense.    You build a fucking huge ballpark.  Then you have a mediocre to bad fielding team with back-ups that are subpar fielders.  You actually put Daniel Murphy in that huge outfield and are surprised when he is awful.  Dude, a fucking softball team wouldn’t put that kid in the outfield.  He has never played the fucking outfield and you cannot play in the major leagues after a month of practice, especially as a rookie who is still klearning how to hit at the next level.

The problems of the Mets are many.  They were fixable over time and will be painful to fix now.  They will simply wallow in mediocrity and get worse and worse over time till they completely suck once more.  Too bad Madoff hadn’t ripped them off for enough that selling the team would be a good idea.

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