Tiger is Done

Tiger Woods is done.  Not done like he won’t win here and there.  But done as a dominating force on the PGA Tour. 

I’m making the call now.  He’s gonna win every so often and people will yell from the hilltops, “HE”S BACK!!!”   Well, he won’t be back, not for long anyway.  His knee, getting a bit older and bit more comfortable, a bit more mortal.  He won’t trounce Jack’s Majors record if he reaches it at all.  And given that jack has about 100 second place finishes in Majors and Tiger has about 0, Jack was the better player in Majors anyway.

We all thought that the Tiger era would extend for many years.   All the guy had to do was walk to the tee box and people would shit their pants.  That’s over. 

So, Tiger will just be a great player with a super hot wife and bijillions of dollars.  I’d take it.

He just won’t be the best ever.

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