The Lamest Show on Earth: 2009 Mets

So the Mets season goes on.  Delgado, Beltran, Reyes and Putz are still out.  If they win tonight with Santana on the hill, people may even begin deluding themselves that the Mets are in the wildcard race. 

But the winning and losing take a back seat to the current soap opera in the front office.  When we last tuned into “As the Mets Turn”, Omar was still bristling because he had to fire his good, good friend Toni.  Even as Omar rationalized that without Toni in the picture he could spend more time whispering sweet nothings to pin-up boy Jeffie, he missed the shirt ripping, latin he-man.

The rage boiled over when he realized that jilted boy toy Adam was behind all this.  Omar tried to maintain his calm, but true love thwarted broke through the dam of his resolve.  He confronted Adam, the rejected paramour.  But Omar watched his revenge explode in his face, when Jeffie, his new love, sided with Adam.  Now, no Toni, no Jeffie, sad Omar.

Anyway, last night, Jeff Wilpon, COO of the New York Mets and the man that scouted Kazuo Matsui, apologized for the organization.  He figuratively stood behind his GM who was nowhere to be seen.  While the junior Wilpon certainly has the right, and possibly the responsibility, to speak for his organization, Omar Minaya should have been the one to apologize.  If Minaya wants to wear the big boy pants of being a GM, he needs to be front and center eating crow.  Hiding behind your boss is fucking weak.

The Mets will fade again; the trade deadline will pass without meaningful change; and the attention of the fans and the organization will be centered on bullshit.  Good job Omar.

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