The Mets: A Reconsideration

Back on July 17, 2009, I wrote a post that was totally fucking awesome, but that stated that the New York Mets will always suck so long as Fred or Jeff Wilpon runs the team.

Now since the trade for Cespedes this year, they haven’t sucked.  Although as the starters collectively run out of gas and the relievers flame out, the end of the season may become more interesting than you’d have thought when the Mets left Atlanta up 9.5 games.  Barring a miracle post-season run (ain’t happening bro), the test for this team comes next year, when they’re supposed to be good.

First, do they resign Cespedes?  (Shakes magic 8-ball)  Signs point to Yeah, right, no fucking way.  The Mets will do what the Mets do.  They will make an offer they calculate seems ok and will sound good to their fans (a group lining up for Kool-Aid as we speak) and that will fall short of an offer that someone in Cespedes’ position would take.

Second, do they go out and get another player than can help them?  How about Desmond?  Oh, the magic 8-ball rolled away laughing.  What is more likely is that we will hear all about how they just fell short, how this or that guy is going to be way better, maybe resign Daniel Murphy, that the kid pitchers will make it through a whole year and that sorta Wilpon speak.

So, Mets fans, enjoy this run.  Hopefully, a miracle happens on the field because the miracle of Fred opening his wallet is much more of a longshot.


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