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The Mets: A Reconsideration

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Back on July 17, 2009, I wrote a post that was totally fucking awesome, but that stated that the New York Mets will always suck so long as Fred or Jeff Wilpon runs the team.

Now since the trade for Cespedes this year, they haven’t sucked.  Although as the starters collectively run out of gas and the relievers flame out, the end of the season may become more interesting than you’d have thought when the Mets left Atlanta up 9.5 games.  Barring a miracle post-season run (ain’t happening bro), the test for this team comes next year, when they’re supposed to be good.

First, do they resign Cespedes?  (Shakes magic 8-ball)  Signs point to Yeah, right, no fucking way.  The Mets will do what the Mets do.  They will make an offer they calculate seems ok and will sound good to their fans (a group lining up for Kool-Aid as we speak) and that will fall short of an offer that someone in Cespedes’ position would take.

Second, do they go out and get another player than can help them?  How about Desmond?  Oh, the magic 8-ball rolled away laughing.  What is more likely is that we will hear all about how they just fell short, how this or that guy is going to be way better, maybe resign Daniel Murphy, that the kid pitchers will make it through a whole year and that sorta Wilpon speak.

So, Mets fans, enjoy this run.  Hopefully, a miracle happens on the field because the miracle of Fred opening his wallet is much more of a longshot.


The Lamest Show on Earth: 2009 Mets

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So the Mets season goes on.  Delgado, Beltran, Reyes and Putz are still out.  If they win tonight with Santana on the hill, people may even begin deluding themselves that the Mets are in the wildcard race. 

But the winning and losing take a back seat to the current soap opera in the front office.  When we last tuned into “As the Mets Turn”, Omar was still bristling because he had to fire his good, good friend Toni.  Even as Omar rationalized that without Toni in the picture he could spend more time whispering sweet nothings to pin-up boy Jeffie, he missed the shirt ripping, latin he-man.

The rage boiled over when he realized that jilted boy toy Adam was behind all this.  Omar tried to maintain his calm, but true love thwarted broke through the dam of his resolve.  He confronted Adam, the rejected paramour.  But Omar watched his revenge explode in his face, when Jeffie, his new love, sided with Adam.  Now, no Toni, no Jeffie, sad Omar.

Anyway, last night, Jeff Wilpon, COO of the New York Mets and the man that scouted Kazuo Matsui, apologized for the organization.  He figuratively stood behind his GM who was nowhere to be seen.  While the junior Wilpon certainly has the right, and possibly the responsibility, to speak for his organization, Omar Minaya should have been the one to apologize.  If Minaya wants to wear the big boy pants of being a GM, he needs to be front and center eating crow.  Hiding behind your boss is fucking weak.

The Mets will fade again; the trade deadline will pass without meaningful change; and the attention of the fans and the organization will be centered on bullshit.  Good job Omar.

Foot in Mouth Disease or Omar Minaya Syndrome

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As has been pointed out on sports radio repeatedly in the last week or so, when a team has a lost season, the long knives come out.  Every douchebag with a grudge (myself included) does his or her level best to kick the teams, its players, owners and front office while they are down. 

So it is for the not-so-amazing Metropolitans.  Beset by injuries, the team is double digits behind the first place Phillies.   A new ballpark, a better bullpen and the returning core were sold as the cure to the ills of the last two seasons.   Omar and Co. declared that they had, in essence, performed an off-season Heimlich and beware Cole Hamels, the Mets would choke no more.  We won’t know if they will choke this season because with 3 of the Mets best position players down, they are irrelevant.

With losing comes the inevitable sniping as sportswriters and their sources excise a pound of flesh for past transgressions, real or imagined.   Bernazard, like the manager last year, was this year’s first casualty.  I’m certain the irony of being destroyed in the press by unknown sources isn’t making Bernazard smile today.  It was widely reported that his backroom campaigning doomed Randolph.  And this year, having Jeff Wilpon’s ear wasn’t going to save Bernazard when reporters lined up story after story that portrayed him as unprofessional, mean-spirited and petty.

So, with all this, Minaya stepped to the plate to deliver the news that the campaign to oust Bernazard had been successful.  It should have been easy.   He needed only to deliver a simple statement acknowledging that Bernazard had done many things for the organization, but that recent events made it necessary for the organization to part ways with him. 

But this is the Mets . . .

Flashback to the firing of Willie Randolph.  Fired during a West Coast road trip when he should have been fired before the plane took off.  Done late at night, tactlessly.  The organization took a move designed to improve the team’s chances at the post-season and only managed to win the outgoing manager sympathy in the process.

Now, in front of the assembled media, all Minaya had to do was announce the firing.  Instead, he attacked Adam Rubin, a reporter for the Daily News, insinuating that Rubin’s desire to be a front office someday led to his reporting of Bernazard’s unprofessional behavior.  The reporter himself had the opportunity to defend himself and used it.  Unfortunately for Minaya, in battles of wits he is quite unarmed.   

It remains unclear exactly what he wanted the media to take from his remarks about Rubin.  I would imagine that he was venting the organization’s frustration that one of its own was taken down by the tabloids.  Still, save that for another time.

As usual, the Mets can’t even fire someone right.  By the way, the Mets won again last night.  Does anyone even care?

Tony Bernazard is an Asshole

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For those of you who don’t know who Tony Bernazard is, he is a member of the Mets front office.   His title is Vice President for Player Development.  Presumably, his duties include overseeing the Mets minor league system.  However, reports from various sources have revealed that his duties include freaking out because someone was sitting in his seat at CitiField, arguing with K-Rod and getting Willie Randolph fired.

He recentlly took a break from those important duties to attend to the Binghampton Mets, the organization’s Double-A team.  Now, in attempting to live up to the Mets example, the B-Mets went 1-6 this week.  So Tony the Asshole arrived to buck up the troops by removing his shirt and challenging the Double-A players to a fight during a postgame tirade.

More specifically, Bernazard particularly went after middle infield prospect Jose Coronado, using a slang term associated with a woman’s anatomy.   So, Mr. Tough Guy calls some kid a pussy.

What sort of wake-up call does this shitty organization need to boot this asshole out the door.   The guy with a ton of influence for putting these crappy minor league teams together, they all suck ass, is going to bully them when they suck.  This act was old a year ago.  Why Omar Minaya puts up with a guy who can’t get it done and has been angling for his job is anyone’s guess.

Just another sad story for the free-falling Mets.

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The Mets Suck Donkey Balls and Always Will . . .

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so long as Fred or Jeff Wilpon own the team.

This should be as obvious as the fact that Pam Anderson tits are bolt-ons.

The organization continually changes direction and makes mistake after mistake.  But everyone makes mistakes right?  Sure, but you have to adapt and overcome them.

The Mets mortgaged their farm system in the mid-eighties after having brought up Doc, Straw, Cone, Jefferies and few others.  Now, in trading for Carter, MacReynolds, Viola, Hernandez, etc. they maked th fact that the farm system was already weak.  In those trades went people like Shawn Abner, Stanley Jefferson, Jack Savage, Floyd Youmans, Billy Beane and others who contributed exactly dick on the field.  Rick Aguilera is an exception, but there weren’t exactly a bunch of ex-Met farmhands running around tearing up the majors in the late eighties, ninties or now.

The farm system never improved despite some extremely lean years and high draft picks.  Remember Generation K???   Not one of them came close to fulfilling expections. 

After years of this shit, you’d think a smart organization would fix things.  Not the Mets.  Who is their top prospect?  F-Mart.  Fuck yeah!!!

Ok, you give a fucked up contract to an aging second baseman who will simply not give you waht your club needs.  So you pay Marlon Anderson a million bucks, cut him, and do not pay Orlando Hudson 1.5 million instead to play here. 

You don’t go hard after Derek Lowe because you have a fallback plan in Ollie Perez.  You have had “baseball people” watching that left handed, no-hearted lazy quitter pitch for you for years, but he’s your fallback.  How’s that working out?

You make John Maine your number 2 starter.  Please.  He’s a fragile fastball pitcher without a great fastball.  How’s that working out.  The organization ignored that it has major weaknesses in its starting rotation.  How’s that working out?  Btw, the Santana move was great and he is great.  But we got him because Brian Cashman is an even worse GM than Minaya.

So, you announce that the Mets are gonna be about pitching and defense.    You build a fucking huge ballpark.  Then you have a mediocre to bad fielding team with back-ups that are subpar fielders.  You actually put Daniel Murphy in that huge outfield and are surprised when he is awful.  Dude, a fucking softball team wouldn’t put that kid in the outfield.  He has never played the fucking outfield and you cannot play in the major leagues after a month of practice, especially as a rookie who is still klearning how to hit at the next level.

The problems of the Mets are many.  They were fixable over time and will be painful to fix now.  They will simply wallow in mediocrity and get worse and worse over time till they completely suck once more.  Too bad Madoff hadn’t ripped them off for enough that selling the team would be a good idea.

New York Mets: the Sucketh Continues

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I just watched Carlos Delgado take a couple of pitches, work the count in his favor and meekly ground into a double play.  it is the essence of Mets baseball.  The Mets are behind 7-1.  Jerry Manuel makes headlines in a New York rag about how the Mets are the second team in New York.  Hmm, No shit Sherlock.  Jose Reyes throws a tantrum with more spirit and accuracy than he throws a baseball.  Tony Bernazard makes more and more pronouncements in the media on behalf of the team.  For those of you not keeping score at home, Bernazard is the next Isiah Thomas, except without the track record to even justify where his is at this point.

At this point, I can’t even pretend that I watch more than an at bat or two each game.  Every time I watch, they only reinforce my belief that the team as a whole is bad.  the play poorly in the field, often pitch poorly, have poor at bats and play unmotivated, uninspired, shit on a stick baseball.  Mental and physical errors are all too common.  All this combined with players at less than 100% physically or on the downside of their careers, it is simply unwatchable.

I will not go to another game this year.  I usually go to about 15 (only went opening day).  I will go to Opening Day next year to see the new stadium and pay way too much for a few clients to go, so that we can all see the new digs.  I am salivating for football and hockey seasons to begin.

Fred, old chap, you are running your billion dollar property into the ground.  There is simply no reason to watch this team.  I think what fans sense more than anything else is that as long as the Wilpons own the team, it will always sorta suck.  But with the Wilpons around, it will never be a suck that we can get behind.  The scrappiness this team showed in the late 80s’ has never returned, even the few times the Mets were ok.  They haven’t had an intense star in decades, emphasizing business like union types instead.  Even Mike Piazza, who I really liked, backed down in the big spot.  For the record, he should have shoved the bat up Clemens’ ass.

On the best days, the team’s best will not be enough, the team’s stars will always come up short.  Even the good days are few and far between, the rest of the time, the Wilpons field the most miserable lot of overpaid trash in baseball.  Good Luck, I’ll spend my money elsewhere.  Douchebags.

New Manager, Same old Mets

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So, Reyes shows up the new manager by having a temper tantrum.  Delgado makes an error and looks like a Special Olympics reject against Lackey and Wright stands there helpless during a 3 pitch strikeout.  These were just some of the many lowlights of Manuel’s first game as manager of Los Mets.  He’ll be sucking the barrel of a sawed off shotgun by the All-Star break.

Fuck the Mets.

Oh, and fuck the Lakers, hahahaha, nice fucking performance for Phil, Kobe and Co.